Posted by: spacewritinguy | November 17, 2007

Selling Your Right to Vote?

This is the most amazing story:

New York University did a survey of some of its students to ask them what they would give up in exchange for their right to vote! Good sweet Lawd! Never mind how stupid the answers were: a year’s tuition (or a full “free ride” to NYU), an iPod, what have you. What sort of thinking has to be going on in the surveyors’ minds to even ask that sort of question?

This was a project of the Sociology department. The Sociology chair’s comment is even more frightening:

“The part that I find amazing is that so many folks think one vote can make a difference,”  Sociology Department Chairman Dalton Conley said.

And these people are educating our students. This nation was formed precisely to defend the right of the individual to participate in the political process: the secret ballot, the right of free speech, all the rest. The thinking of the sociology professor seems to be that of Imperial Rome: keep them entertained with bread and circuses, and they’ll ignore the fact that their liberties have been taken away. Representative government is useless if government officials do not expect to be held accountable by their fellow citizens. It creates in the minds of the officials the idea of ruling rather than governing–and an expectation among the citizenry of being ruled.

Here’s a thought for that nimrod and his students: if they don’t think their votes matter, will they give them to me? I wonder what sort of response he would have gotten if he had asked that question.

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