Posted by: spacewritinguy | November 28, 2007

Optimism, Part II

Starting out here on my attempt at optimism…


Despite the naysaying, griping, cost overruns, and such, the International Space Station continues growth and development.

The Hubble Space Telescope continues to provide brilliant images of the universe.

The LANDSAT people have put together a brilliant mosaic view of Antarctica.

The Constellation Program people keep talking about sending people to an asteroid. If we can get to one, we can figure out how to attach engines or a mass driver to one and get it the heck out of the way.

Technology & Science

Sony has developed a dirt-resistant screen. Huzzah!


Online retailing hits a new record, despite the hoped-for doom and gloom from the media.

Culture & the Arts

A couple of organizations dedicated to providing opportunities in the arts include the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts and George Lucas’s Edutopia, both of which are focused on education.

This guy has some thoughts about bringing realism to the prices people pay for art. Good luck. As someone once said, “In matters of taste, there can be no argument.”

Urban Planning/Architecture

This is one place that deserves to be built: Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti project. The idea is, you build a city as a single building, thereby minimizing the amount of environmental impact such a city would have. The self-contained nature of this arcology would also be applicable to building a large space settlement.

I actually plan to visit Arcosanti and Biosphere 2 to get a couple of concepts twirling in my head for science fiction.

Psychology/Human Relations

While I doubt some of their answers, at least Time Magazine is taking the idea of morality seriously.

Laughing improves work performance. Well, duhhhh…sorry, that wasn’t quite optimistic, was it? Well, maybe. Just a little snarky. My apologies.

Business Management/Corporate Governance

My brain is fried. Here’s a report on good corporate governance.

International Relations 

Peace in the Middle East “difficult, but not impossible.” Stay tuned.


Okay, a little humor here…Morgan Spurlock, creator of Super-Size Me, is trying to get out a film on “The Church of Stop Shopping” in an effort to reduce consumerism. Good luck.

The Holy See issued a statement in support of dialogue with Hindus during the Feast of Diwali.

I haven’t read about these people in detail, but they’re at least attempting some sort of inter-religious dialogue. Odds are, they’re liberal churches (one need only look at their statement on the ordination of female ministers), but dialogue has to happen somewhere.


Gasp! CNN says something nice about Bush in a headline.


For the clueless (and I know they’re out there): some tips for what not to pack on travel.

Food & Beverage

I highly recommend Augey White Bourdeaux. Very smooth, slightly tart, good fruit flavors, and a fine companion to light cheeses. Also a good deal, at or around $10/bottle.


A biological/physical component to ADHD has been found. This is good news if it reduces the amount of medicating we do to our kids.

Geneticists have developed a cancer-proof rat.


Want to teach your kid to read? Try this program.

There are schools out there to teach gifted students. Would that there were more.

And that’s about it for tonight. Optimistic enough?

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