Posted by: spacewritinguy | November 30, 2007

Optimism, Part III

Protests continue against Chavez’s referendum to extend his presidency.

For sheer humorous effect: “A female Russian national used Craigslist to arrange a sham “green card marriage” with a Disneyland worker whose illegal dowry consisted entirely of a leased 2006 Ford Mustang, investigators charge.”

Red wine benefits in a pill? This article is determined to take the fun out of alcohol, isn’t it?

Does Hillary know? Barack Obama says he’d offer a job to former president Bill Clinton “in a second.”

And finally, some stuff on solar power satellites:

Why should we give a damn about solar power satellites? Because if we can substitute at least our base power (cities, homes, streets) with space-based power, gasoline prices drop to pre-Gulf War I levels, just for starters. If we use a LOT of space-based power, we might have incentives to go to cars that draw their power from the roads themselves–another cut in fossil fuel use. What the hell, if we won’t allow ourselves to drill in ANWR or off our own coasts, we have to do SOMETHING, right???

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