Posted by: spacewritinguy | January 16, 2008

Space in the Election

I had an interesting chat with my mother over the weekend. Interesting in the fact that a) she and I have rarely if ever talked politics and b) she saw how space fit into the overall scheme of things. For instance: “As this ‘green thing’ [i.e. environmentalism] gets bigger, that’s got to be better for space, right?”

I said, “Yeah, normally. However, a lot of folks who are fighting to save the environment don’t see space as a solution.”

“But there’s all those things that space can do…I don’t get it.”

Smiling over the phone, I sighed and said, “Yeah, neither do I.”

There’s a book out there I want to read: Space on Earth: Saving Our World By Seeking Others, which is a proposal for space advocates and environmental advocates to get together. My guess is that the advice will be for the space advocates to go leftist, but I’ll leave that aside until I read it.

And until we can get space sold as an energy solution or an environmental solution, space advocates are at least starting to learn the political game. The Internet has become a great way for people of like minds to join together, and space geeks are for the most part computer-savvy, giving us an advantage over other, more traditional activist movements. The problem is still to get space sold to “normal people,” that is, people who don’t think about space every day and can’t quote long passages of Star Trek from memory. We have a lot of work to do.

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