Posted by: spacewritinguy | January 24, 2008

Space Happenings

It’s been a busy week in the space biz! Some highlights:

Orbital Origami?

SpaceShipTwo is out there…at least in graphical form.

Some scientist types are looking at alternatives to the Vision for Space Exploration. See:

Moon Stuck, Aviation Week

Letter to the Editor Regarding Aviation Week Article “Moon Stuck”

Examining the Vision – Balancing Science and Exploration (Draft agenda, speakers)

Dissent Grows as Scientists Oppose NASA’s New Moon Mission, Popular Mechanics

Rudy is talking space.

There is no evidence of drunk astronauts.

Ares I is having problems.

It’s really difficult to keep track of all this. Space advocacy has become much more complicated. Prior to the 1970s, it was nearly impossible to be pro-space and not be pro-NASA. Now? Even the space advocacy business has become multipolar. Left and right aren’t quite as clear. You can be pro-NASA, but not necessarily pro-human space flight (“The Vision is just a Bush talking point!”). You can be pro-human spaceflight, but not necessarily pro-NASA (“Let the private sector do it!”). You can be pro-Vision for Space Exploration, but not necessarily for the current architecture (“Get rid of ‘the stick’! Use the Direct method!”). You can be pro-space colonization, but not necessarily pro-private sector (“We don’t want space taken over by money-grubbing corporations!” Query: who the hell else could afford to build space colonies?). You can support the exploration of Mars, but again, not necessarily be pro-human spaceflight or pro-NASA (“Send robots only! We’ll soil the planet!” “No, use the Mars Direct architecture!”).

And so forth. I need a new hobby.

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