Posted by: spacewritinguy | April 14, 2008

NASA’s Budget Crisis–A Modest Proposal

There has been increasing concern in the pro-space community about NASA’s budget not remaining high or stable enough to continue supporting the Vision for Space Exploration. This concern is probably warranted.

So here’s a radical idea: if, upon retirement/age 60, you are able to live comfortably within your existing means and without Social Security and Medicare, the government should provide a means to just opt out of the system. Just because the government insists on handing out money doesn’t mean you’re obliged to take it, are you? I’ve been considering, for example, sending back my “stimulus package” check with a note to the IRS saying, “Thanks, but no thanks. Use my money to keep NASA fed for another .000000000000003 seconds.” It’s not like I couldn’t use the money for something, but rather than encourage suckling at the government teat, how about offering the self-sufficent among us to have the option to “just say no” to socialism?

Just a thought.

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