Posted by: spacewritinguy | July 8, 2008

It’s Getting Weird Out There

Here’s where the “Jeremiad” portion of the post comes up. Here are just some of the weird things loose in the world:

  • The Russians have stated that a military response is required due to the Czech Republic accepting U.S. missile defense batteries on their territory.
  • The Iraqis want us out on a specific timeline just as Israel and Iran are conducting war games.
  • Oil continues over $130 a barrel while gasoline in the U.S. hovers at or above $4 a gallon.
  • The political process in the U.S. continues to remain hostile and rancorous.
  • The Chi-Coms are warning French President Nicholas Sarkozy not to visit with the Dalai Lama.
  • Ahmadenijad threatening to hit the U.S. and Israel if it’s attacked after recent speculation that a military strike is possible before Bush leaves office.
  • The Beijing Olympics are a month away.
  • Neither U.S. presidential candidate is interested in increasing the domestic supply of oil to decrease prices.

Too much thinking. Might as well have a beer.

Let’s be careful out there.


Okay, I was mistaken. The Russkis are p.o.ed about the installation of a radar station, not an anti-missile battery. The responses to this situation on some web sites are self-righteous, deluded, and faintly ridiculous. The standard rejoinder–using “blame America first” as its mantra–has been, “Ask the U.S. if they’d feel better if the Russians placed a radar station in Cuba to protect the socialist countries in Latin America.”

Well, the only way that’d happen, realistically, is if they installed a radar in Cuba to protect them, say, from ballistic missiles from Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. However, Chavez doesn’t have ballistic/nuclear missiles–at least not yet–and if he was to fire them at anybody, he’d be firing them at US, and Putin knows it.

The U.S. defenses are there to protect Europe from Iran. If the Russians would let us, we’d probably try to station anti-missile batteries in their country! Iran is the big threat because they’re crazy and stupid enough to push the button. They’ve threatened as much. The Russians a) don’t believe us and b) don’t like the idea of the U.S. encroaching on their perceived sphere of influence, which they see as the Slavic portions of Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless, this bears watching.


  1. Brilliant!

  2. The Iranian Pres., is a kook to be sure, but not Commander in Chief. The military is controlled by the religious leaders the so called ‘Guardians’ and ‘Supreme Guide.’ So we don’t have to overly concern ourselves about what Ahmadinnerjacket says or is mistranslated as saying. I really don’t get why people forget all our advantages.

  3. The mullahs don’t particularly like us either. And Iranian aid to Hezbollah or Hamas or Al Qaeda in Iraq has to be approved by SOMEBODY.

  4. Right but they need the U.S. bogeyman to keep their domestic power. While they have help Hezbollah, that organization is not directed against us, and they don’t control it. It has a specific local objective in Lebanon/Israel. There is no evidence that Iran is destabilizing Iraq, it is not clear that a destabilized Iraq is to their advantage. Though on the surface one might assume Shiities will always be fast friends, but I suggest ethnicity will trump that here as everywhere: Arabs do not like Persians.

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