Posted by: spacewritinguy | July 11, 2008

What Does Your Inner Voice Say to You About Politics?

Here are my best guesses on what people of various political persuasions are thinking. YES, these are generalizations, but then so are the political parties.


Human beings are rational and born good or, at worst, as blank slates. Their roles and behaviors have been and are imposed upon them by family, church, economic standing, and state. As such, they can and must be taught to behave properly toward their fellow men, women, life forms, and the environment. Bad behaviors are the result of a bad environment and social inequities. If bad environments are cleared up and social inequalities eliminated, then human beings will behave better simply because they’ll have less to fight over. People of different genders, colors, ethnicities, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds,  given equal footing through laws and customs, can be made to get along with each other. Conflicts can be brought to an end if inequalities are eliminated, good-faith efforts are made to understand one another, and individuals can be taught how to behave properly. If individuals (parents) cannot train their children right, then it falls to the “village”–the local community, the state, or the nation–to do it for them. It is the right and duty of the state to ensure quality education, social stability, and social and economic equality. Taxes should be raised on those most able to afford it to ensure all of these social goods, and the good of the many should be decided by those experts best equipped to ensure worthy social goals. True freedom will exist for everyone when there is no inequality and everyone is allowed to do what they want as long as they don’t harm anyone and as long as they do their fair share for the betterment of society.


I don’t know much about human nature, I can only speak for myself. I don’t want any trouble from anyone. I just wish people would stop fighting all the time. As Rodney King put it, “Can’t we all just get along?” When there is a hotly contested election, I tend to listen to those closest to me to see what their advice is. If I can’t make up my own mind, then I vote for the person who I think will cause the least harm. I don’t give a lot of thought to politics, I just want to do my job and be left alone. There are good ideas on both sides, so I don’t see what there is the fight about. I don’t really know what the government should do, but I do think we should do our best to stay out of trouble and to make sure people in this country don’t commit crimes or anything like that. Is that okay? We will bear any price to ensure the success of goodness and rationality in suffering parts of the world.


Mankind was born “fallen,” meaning we were created by God with free will, but are “fallen” through Original Sin. As such, our legal customs and religions exist to keep our passions in line. When those fail, we have government, which is necessarily limited because it is run by people as sinful, power-hungry, and corrupt as the rest of us. Education should be kept as decentralized and as local as possible, and it should aim to make the next generation like its parents, only a little better. Freedom resides with individual opportunity and the right of the individual to make of him or herself whatever they can. This freedom can result in economic or social inequalities or differences due to different abilities or cultural standards. In a system of equality under the law, the state does not sanction social ascendancy through official birthright or group rights; individuals rise and fall through their own efforts and through whatever means bequeathed to them by their parents. Right and wrong exist, as do good and evil, and individuals and groups must be judged by the acts according to unified standards agreed to by the majority.  The government exists to enforce the laws, defend the nation, maintain the aforementioned system of justice, and to ensure that the laws reflect an enlightened standard of human behavior, in accordance with custom and religiously guided principles. There are some public goods that government might perform, such as maintaining roads, waterways, air traffic, electricity, and other public works, but government should be limited in its ambitions at home and abroad. We are friends of liberty everywhere, but guardians only of our own.


Human beings were born bad, whether by God or some other natural process. What you believe is your own business, and the state should exist only to protect your property, your right to say and do what you want, and to keep out any foreigners who say otherwise. The marketplace is and should remain the final arbiter for success and failure, right or wrong. Government should be severely restricted, with as many functions privatized as possible. Government should not impinge on personal or economic behavior except in obvious instances of theft, fraud, or death. In addition to the marketplace, interactions between individuals should be governed by a civil society of independent, armed individuals. An armed society is a polite society, and no individual should be forced to sacrifice freedoms for the sake of another.


Humanity is inherently good, but capitalism is evil. It has twisted morals, resource use, and relations between individuals to be subservient to the wage slavery of the dollar. Capitalism has spread across the world like a cancer, destroying habitats, animals, plants, and other natural wonders. Because of this, government should be run by scientists and other experts capable of restraining capitalism through taxes and regulations to enforce Earth-friendly policies for the good of society. In addition, the rich capitalist nations should be taxed to help poorer nations improve conditions in those regions, regardless of culture or merit. The reasons so many nations in the world hate the United States are because it is rich, arrogant, and imperialistic. The world should be governed according to the principle, “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs” until the whole world is healed and living under one government dedicated to the good of all. If this means that individuals lose some of their free speech rights or their right to bear arms, that might be regrettable on an individual level, but a necessary price to ensure the price of peace is paid everywhere.


  1. I’d say pretty good guesses! You have insight and intelligence.

    You can see my views from my blog postings.

    Good luck.

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