Posted by: spacewritinguy | January 11, 2009

In Defense of Disproportionate Force

Ask the black widow spider about disproportionate force.

This is practically standard Israeli doctrine: “Hurt us a little, we’ll hurt you a lot.” The theory being, if you get hurt worse than you hurt them, you won’t be so inclined to hurt them again next time. Sometimes it works. Notice that Egypt, Jordan, and Syria don’t kick sand in the IDF’s face anymore, but non-nation groups like Hamas and Hezbollah need multiple lessons about picking up a very small but highly poisonous spider. Stupid.


  1. It’s not entirely the point of the attack. It’s the idea that during 2007-2008 over 4680 rockets and mortars hit Israel from Gaza strip from HAMAS alone.
    Combined with other terrorist organizations since 2000 there have been over 8700 rockets fired on Israeli towns. It’s organized retaliation rather than excessive use of force in order to scare them off.

  2. Re: disproportinate force.

    So how would you explain the 8 years of rockets shot from Gaza at non-combatants, by Hamas?
    How would you explain cowards that target children and women? Israel doesn’t do that! Israeli only kill children when those they kill hide amongst the children!
    It’s not disproportinate force to kill terrorists who kill your civilians!
    In fact, most of the world is coming to understand that the leftist view is contrived – that they actually support teaching children to hate like Hamas and Palestinians!

  3. joisahe

    Not sure who you’re responding to, but neither of us is saying Israel is doing something wrong. The title of the blog is “In Defense of Disproportionate Force.” Peace follows victory.


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