Posted by: spacewritinguy | March 2, 2009

Sauce for the Goose?

Check this out:

Given all the moral outrage that has occurred re: CEOs remodeling offices, going on junkets, and spending on lavish parties, shouldn’t Obama set an example to the rest of America’s leaders? After all, there is a recession on, and government spending needs to get under control. Also, if the government can tell businesses what they can do if they take bail-out money, certainly the voting public can tell Obama what to do with the government’s money.
Never mind…


  1. An interesting trivia tidbit: the food bill for the White House is the responsibility of the President. As in, paid for out of pocket. Not part of the White House operating budget.

    We can certainly express our displeasure, but I draw my paycheck from tax money, too, and I’d be pissed if somebody told me I couldn’t spend it on a dinner party. 🙂

    Given the “official” nature of most of these gatherings, though, i’m failing to see the outrage, honestly. He presented a LoC prize, hosted a bunch of schoolkids, and threw a SuperBowl party that sounds like a meet’n’greet the staffers in disguise. At least two of those are the sorts of things one expects a President to do. The LoC award was a pretty stripped down affair, in terms of its likely expense, as opposed to the more lavish gala events I’ve seen for artist awards in years previous.

  2. >>I draw my paycheck from tax money, too, and I’d be pissed if somebody told me I couldn’t spend it on a dinner party. <<

    Great! Then let the CEOs have theirs!

  3. […] their celebrations in a new era (temporary discovery by liberals) of fiscal responsibility? The hypocrisy […]

  4. Any CEO who feels good enough about their company’s success to turn down a bailout by taxpayers is welcome to make whatever he/she pleases. However, if their gross incompetence ruined their company, they have two choices: Take the dole and take a paycut, or take their chances in the unemployment line.

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